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Areas of Focus

 Contact Channel Strategy

Which channels can customers use to reach you, how are they prioritized and what is their experience as they navigate between them?

 Problem-Solving Philosophy

How can we best empower your employees to do what is necessary to solve your customers needs in one contact and without the need to escalate?

 Tech and Analytics Utilization

Are you going beyond standard metrics to actionable insights while leveraging your tech stack to its maximum potential?

 Employee Enrichment

Are you providing foundational support for our employees, investing in their long-term growth and ensuring they are fulfilled in their jobs?

 Leadership Engagement

Is senior leadership aware of your team furthers their strategic objectives and how the contact center contributes to profitability?


Stanley Lucas

Managing Partner

Kevon Hills

Managing Partner

Engagement Model

Engagement Model
TMG’s hands-on engagement model uses a phased approach that takes us from being a vendor to becoming your trusted partner. Your experienced account team will be led by contact center experts with extensive experience in client strategy, project management, technology and day-to-day operations.

Phase 1: Discovery
Our client engagement model begins with confirming your strategic objectives that will drive our areas of focus. We’ll start with an executive kickoff, during which we will map your business goals into tactical initiatives and implementation. During this phase our shared goal will be to immerse TMG into your business so together, we can clearly define what a successful relationship will look like.

Phase 2: Onboarding
We will work closely with your team to define the specific milestones, tasks and responsibilities that will ensure a successful implementation. The implementation plan will be our central communication tool, updating stakeholders on progress and adjusting as the plan evolves. Our approach to the onboarding process will include a detailed list of dependent tasks designed to deliver.

Step 3: Operationalize
Post-launch, we will ensure our people, process and technology are on track. Our engagement model is based on our philosophy that TMG seeks a collaborative partnership with your brand. We emphasize scalability, flexibility and an open line of communication with executive leadership and senior operational management. From tactical to strategic meetings, TMG has an engagement model that includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual touchpoints.

Step 4: Innovation
Once business is migrated and we have achieved a steady state, we can begin discussions about advanced technologies, alternative channels, contact migration and other initiatives. Our team will suggest opportunities in customer self-service, AI, agent assist and other leading technologies than can further enhance the employee and customer experience for your customers.

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