Transforming the world's view of the contact center.

Areas of Focus

 Contact Channel Strategy

Which channels can customers use to reach you and what is their experience as they navigate between them?

 Problem-Solving Philosophy

Are your employees empowered to do what is necessary to solve your customers needs?

 Tech and Analytics Utilization

Are you prioritizing the right metrics and leveraging your tech stack to its maximum potential?

 Leadership Engagement

How aware is senior leadership of all the amazing work being done in your contact center?

 Employee Enrichment

Are your employees happy and fulfilled in their jobs and are you doing enough to make your center the best place to work?


Kevon Hills

Managing Partner

Stanley Lucas

Managing Partner

Engagement Model

Step 1: Initial Consultation
Here we ask two simple questions:
1. Is your contact center profitable?
2. Do you think your contact center is valuable?

Step 2: Establish Success Criteria
We take it one step further with our complete assessment of your operations to define goals and objectives and confirm if we are a good fit for each other.

Step 3: Finalize Action Plan
We begin the process of interviewing managers and investigating processes to develop a plan and timeline for execution.

Step 4: Implementation
We roll-out the program across the entire organization and establish a reporting cadence with senior leadership.
Engagement Model

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